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BBC News - Science & Environment
The latest stories from the Science & Environment section of the BBC News web site.

Red card for 'greenest' government
The government is failing to reduce air pollution, protect biodiversity and prevent flooding, a cross-party body of MPs says.
Climate change remedies 'affordable'
A global commission says the extra costs of tackling climate change will be 'modest', but doing nothing could put the world economy at risk.
US gas leaks not caused by fracking
A new study suggests that the contamination of drinking water by shale gas is due to faulty wells and not hydraulic fracturing.
UN calls for $1bn to fight Ebola
The UN says it needs $1bn to fight the West Africa Ebola outbreak, described as "unparalleled in modern times".
Rosetta comet landing site chosen
Europe's Rosetta mission, which aims to land on a 4km-wide comet later this year, identifies what it thinks is the safest place to touch down.
Ancient China fish 'nearly extinct'
The Chinese sturgeon, thought to have existed for more than 140 million years, is now on the brink of extinction, say local media.
Brazil builds giant Amazon tower
Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin in Brazil to monitor climate change.
Ban on shark trade comes into force
In a significant step forward for shark conservation, all trade in five named species is to be regulated from today.
Progress for giant laser instrument
The Advanced Ligo instrument, a laser "ruler" built to measure the traces of gravitational waves, is progressing at amazing speed, scientists say.
Robot could load up dishwasher
A robot unveiled today at the British Science Festival will be loading dishwashers next year, its developers claim.

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Facebook launches 'I'm a Voter' button ahead of Scottish Referendum
Facebook is encouraging Scottish users of the social network to share the fact they have voted with their friends

Are you an Apple bore?
After last week's fanfare, Apple's shiny new gizmos go on sale this Friday. So how much of an iFiend are you? Find out in our fully official iQuiz ?

Tim Cook: 'We're not reading your email or iMessages'
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has spoken out about privacy concerns in the wake of the iCloud nude photo leak

Apple tie-up with U2 branded a 'dismal failure' by music retailers
Pushing 'Songs of Innocence' into 500 million iTunes music libraries boosts U2 back catalogue by only 6,000 sales in the UK, including fewer than 60 on the high street, but concert ticket sales may be the target of the stunt

Apple releases tool to remove U2 album from iTunes
Apple has responded to complaints from iTunes users who were unhappy about U2's new album being downloaded to their music library without their permission

Dyson cleans up as profits rise ahead of robot launch
Profits at Dyson hit £382m in 2013, ahead of its robotic hoover launch

TechUK calls on government to lead digital revolution
The trade association for the UK technology industry is calling for a digital minister in every government department, and a 'smart migration' policy to attract foreign talent

Phones 4U founder accuses 'ruthless' mobile networks of 'killing' company
John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of Phones 4U, launches a scathing attack on Vodafone and accuses them of deliberately 'killing' the company

Web Junkies: China's Addicted Teens: 'subtle'
Bernadette McNulty reviews Web Junkies: China's Addicted Teens

The Minecraft phenomenon in 60 seconds
How a clunky Swedish construction-based video became an online phenomenon worth £1.2bn

NatureNews - Most recent articles - nature.com science feeds
Nature - the world's best science and medicine on your desktop

Charities chief: 'Pharma blockbusters are gone'
Incoming chief executive of the Association of Medical Research Charities lays out what the country needs.
Hitchcock thriller reveals busy mind in 'vegetative' man
Brain scans from a man who has been in a vegetative state for 16 years show activity similar to that of healthy viewers.
Rosetta comet lander gets a touch-down site
Philae probe will land on ?head? of rubber-duck-shaped comet.
Artificial spleen cleans up blood
Device improves survival in rats after severe infections.
Invasive-species control: Bounty hunters
Destructive lionfish are invading coral reefs in the Americas, but fishing competitions can help to keep the problem species in check.
Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells
Surgeons implanted retinal tissue created after reverting the patient's own cells to 'pluripotent' state.
Western Australian agency lets sharks off the hook

Where to land on a comet?

STAP co-author offers yet another recipe for stem cells

How gibbons got their swing
Apes' genes explain their flexibility ? and why their chromosomes are so peculiar.