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BBC News - Science & Environment
The latest stories from the Science & Environment section of the BBC News web site.

Planet hosts giant ring system
Astronomers say they have discovered a gigantic ring system around a distant planet - the first such structure discovered outside our Solar System.
Best ever view of asteroid Ceres
The best image ever acquired of Ceres, the largest asteroid in the Solar System, is now in the hands of science.
England's environment 'in decline'
England's natural environment is in decline and its deterioration is harming the economy, an independent advisory group warns.
Near asteroid 2004 BL86 has a moon
Scientists who tracked the large asteroid 2004 BL86 as it passed by Earth say it has a small satellite.
Risk of extreme weather 'doubles'
Extreme weather arising from a climate phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean will get much worse as the world warms, according to climate modelling.
'Time to link nature and wellbeing'
Scientists need to work together to capitalise on a growing body of evidence showing a link between biodiversity and human wellbeing, a US review suggests.
Obama push to expand Alaskan refuge
President Barack Obama is to propose setting aside the majority of Alaska's national wildlife refuge as a wilderness area.
Fracking moratorium rejected by MPs
MPs overwhelmingly reject a bid to suspend fracking for shale gas - but agree to Labour proposals to impose new conditions.
Eyes on Pluto for historic encounter
Nasa's mission to Pluto gets under way in earnest as the New Horizons probe starts taking the pictures needed for July's close fly-by.
Jellyfish 'can sense ocean currents'
A jellyfish tagging study reveals the creatures' ability to swim against the current when forming their submarine swarms, say researchers.

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How connected cars are driving the Internet of Things
In five years, there will be 250m connected cars on the road as the Internet of Things grows to include 25bn devices

Taiwan outlaws children using electronic devices for too long
Taiwan is to enforce parents monitoring the amount of time their children spend using electronic devices by law, with hefty fines for those who fail to adhere

3D-printed heart helps save toddler's life
Surgeons use a 3D-printed copy of a two-year-old's heart to help plan a life-saving operation

Who are the most notorious hacking groups?
In the wake of Lizard Squad's alleged attacks on Malaysia Airlines and Facebook this week, Sophie Curtis takes a look at how it compares with other notorious hacking groups

Cycling apps put you at risk from hi-tech burglars
Cyclists using Strava put themselves at risk from hi-tech criminals who target their homes, warn police. Read our guide to protecting yourself

Twitter launches group messaging and mobile video features
Twitter is taking on Facebook and Instagram with its new group messaging and mobile video capture features

Snapchat to launch music and video feature Discover
Snapchat is poised to release Discover, a new music and video feature created in partnership with Warner Music Group and CNN among others, according to a report

David Cameron: Michael Gove's ringtone was like 'the chillax playlist on Spotify'
Prime Minister jokes about the Smartwatch which interrupted Cabinet

WikiLeaks blasts Google for quietly handing emails to US government
Google reportedly waited two and a half years to notify members of WikiLeaks that it had turned over their private emails to the US government

Amazon's Japan HQ 'raided' in child porn investigation
Amazon's Japanese arm is "cooperating fully" with police investigation which follows arrest of 10 men for posting illicit photo books featuring children on the internet retailer's website

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Obama acts alone on climate
US president defies hostile Congress and takes action on global warming.
Unconscious thought not so smart after all
Study on decision-making stokes controversy over power of distracted mind.
New Greek government raises hopes for science
Swift appointment of a physicist as research minister seen as positive step by scientists.
Droughts threaten high-altitude Himalayan forests
Timberlines in the region are shifting downslope, bucking trend seen on other mountain ranges.
Sodium's explosive secrets revealed
The spectacular reaction of alkali metals with water was poorly understood ? despite being a staple of chemistry classes.
Russian science minister explains radical restructure
Amid sanctions and a financial crisis, Dmitry Livanov discusses ongoing reforms to science funding.
Genghis Khan's genetic legacy has competition
The Mongolian leader left a strong footprint in the Y chromosomes of modern descendants ? but he was not the only one.
Hunt for Philae hangs in the balance
Rosetta mission would have to sacrifice other science to search for comet lander.
US ocean sciences told to steer a new course
Major report calls for cuts to infrastructure, including fledgling Ocean Observatories Initiative, to increase spending on science.†
Italian court convicts lab-dog breeders
Three people found guilty of cruelty against animals bred for scientific research.