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BBC News - Science & Environment
The latest stories from the Science & Environment section of the BBC News web site.

Risk from extreme weather rises
Royal Society says combination of population growth and climate change will increase danger to cities.
UK team's data bonanza from comet
UK researchers obtain "rich" data from the Philae lander just before its power died.
Climate fixes 'could harm billions'
Schemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for billions of people, but might be required for the good of the planet, scientists say.
Watson to sell Nobel Prize for DNA
James Watson is to sell the Nobel Prize medal he won for the discovery of the structure of DNA.
Gravity map traces ocean circulation
Scientists use gravity data to produce what they say is the most accurate space view yet of global ocean currents and the speed at which they move.
Stone age axe found with wood handle
Archaeologists in Denmark have uncovered an incredibly rare find: a stone age axe held within its wooden handle.
Urban farming helps feed the world
Urban agriculture plays a much more extensive role in global food security than previously estimated, a study using satellite data suggests.
Brain's dementia weak spot found
The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to experts who have pinpointed the region using scans.
Dark sky status bid for South Downs
A campaign begins to reduce light pollution in South Downs National Park and give it dark skies special status.
Polar sub gauges sea ice thickness
A novel autonomous sub acquires the first detailed, high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice.

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Twitter to snoop on every app on your phone
Social network Twitter has revealed it will make a list of every app on a user's phone or tablet

Top ten Twitter fails of all time
As a Twitter executive accidentally leaks sensitive company information over the social networking site, we take a look back at some of the most spectacular Twitter gaffes

Are your parents on Tinder?
The middle-aged are flocking to a dating app that has become as socially acceptable as 'a trip to the local pub'

Jurassic World: definitely no feathered dinosaurs
A previously unseen dinosaur is planned for Jurassic World - but it won't have feathers

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been 'left broke' by extradition fight
The founder of a once popular file-sharing website is accused of massive copyright infringement and may be detained at an extradition hearing

Poll: Are you offended by video games?
Following news of a game that called on players to 'kill gays' and controversy surrounding the graphic sex scenes in GTA V, we ask "Are you offended by video games?"

Finally, an end to the problem of tangled headphones
Two British designers have solved the problem of tangled headphone cables with an iPhone case which has reached its crowdfunding target in under two weeks

#CameronMustGo: How worried should David Cameron be about Twitter bullies?
A Twitter hashtag, #CameronMustGo, has been trending for five days on the site with more than 300,000 interactions around it. Radhika Sanghani shines a light on the campaign's sinister side

Rosetta mission sends Aerosmith track plays into orbit
Aerosmith classic I Don't Want To Miss a Thing received a huge boost on Spotify due to the Rosetta Philae mission

Hidden advertising by vloggers under the spotlight
There are a number of video bloggers who do promotional paid for adverts

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Seven days: 21?27 November
The week in science: Money woes for wave-power firm, ITER gets new leader and Turkish astrophysicist heads to jail.
US?China climate deal raises hopes for Lima talks
But challenges remain for United Nations meeting in run-up to a new 2015 emissions treaty.
Ocean observatory project hits rough water
Problems with data management challenge US effort to monitor seas in real time.
US regulators move on thought-controlled prosthetics
Robotic limb advances are attracting serious attention from the FDA.
Confusion over publisher?s pioneering open-data rules
The Public Library of Science?s open-data mandate has prompted scientists to share more data online, but not everyone is complying with the regulations.
Publishing: The peer-review scam
When a handful of authors were caught reviewing their own papers, it exposed weaknesses in modern publishing systems. Editors are trying to plug the holes.
Microbes help vultures eat rotting meat
Gut bacteria and strong gastric juices show how the birds can live on decaying flesh.
Unpaid bills complicate EU science budget crisis
A political impasse and a mounting pile of debts pose a threat to research in Europe.
Immune system offers clues to cancer treatment
Molecular signatures hint at who will benefit from next-generation cancer drugs.
Open access is tiring out peer reviewers
As numbers of published articles rise, the scholarly review system must adapt to avoid unmanageable burdens and slipping standards, says Martijn Arns.