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The latest stories from the Science & Environment section of the BBC News web site.

Big cat trade from Burma to China up
A new study suggests that the trade in parts of tigers and other wild cats from Myanmar into China is growing.
Antarctic science archive unlocked
Aerial photographs from the 1940s and 1950s are being used to probe the climate history of the Antarctic Peninsula.
LA River's flood role is 'paramount'
Any moves to modify the concrete Los Angeles River, to return parts of it to a more natural setting or to capture water, must not compromise its flood-protection function, say scientists.
Nasa emails spanner into space
Astronauts on the International Space Station use a 3-D printer to make a wrench from instructions sent up in an email.
Stem cell scandal scientist resigns
A Japanese stem cell scientist at the heart of a scandal over false claims and fabricated research has resigned.
Birds 'fled day before US tornadoes'
Tracking data reveals that golden-winged warblers fled one day before the April 2014 US tornado outbreak, probably because they "heard it coming".
Carbon mission returns global maps
Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory produces its first global maps of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere.
7ft marine reptile fossil beach find
An amateur fossil hunter has unearthed a 7ft skeleton of a carnivorous marine reptile on a beach in south Wales.
Badger cull fails to meet target
Fewer than half the target number of badgers were killed in this year's cull in Gloucestershire, Defra announces.
Bats 'showing signs of recovery'
Populations of most of Britain's bat species are stable or increasing following previous years of decline, report says.

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PewDiePie, YouTube's biggest star - by numbers
2014 has been a massive year for Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg - better known by his online alias PewDiePie - whose gaming videos propelled him to the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Here are the facts and figures behind him and his YouTube channel

NORAD: tracking Santa for 60 years
The unusual tradition of NORAD - usually tasked with defending US airspace - hosting a website to track Santa can be dated back to a happy accident in 1955

Samsung unveils new curved-screen TV ahead of CES
Samsung gets in ahead of the curve, introducing its latest TV monitor ahead of CES

Mobile phones 'wide open' to global hackers
Attacks staged from anywhere in the world could record your phone calls, read your text messages or even make charges on your account, warn German security experts

Boeing and BlackBerry create 'self-destructing' phone
A top-secret phone which wipes all of its data if it senses anyone tampering with it is being created for use by government agencies

'Get off the tech and communicate this Christmas'
A lack of face to face interaction is leading to a generation of young people severely lacking in social skills, so take time to chat this Christmas, says Fiona Barry

The Interview and North Korea: what happened to America's true grit?
Hollywood should order kingsize popcorn and laugh at North Korea all the way to the bank, says Boris Johnson

Where can I find the ITV Player app?
If it doesn't show in Google Play it may be because your device doesn't support it, says Rick Maybury

2015 will be all change for ?news ?publishing and content
The culture of sharing everything can feel a little hackneyed at times, but it may have a huge impact on the news that we read as publishing companies get to grip with different ways to do business, says Monty Munford

2015 will be all change for publishing and content
The culture of sharing everything can feel a little hackneyed at times, but it may have a huge impact on the news that we read as publishing companies get to grip with different ways to do business

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Japanese scientist resigns as 'STAP' stem-cell method fails
Haruko Obokata caused a sensation earlier this year with papers, now discredited, that claimed a simple method for creating stem cells.
For sale: ?Your name here? in a prestigious science journal
An investigation into some scientific papers finds worrying irregularities.
365 days: Nature?s 2014 quiz
Test your knowledge of the year in science.
Ebola survivors fight prejudice
Organizations seek to help patients reintegrate into society after recovering from the virus.
How do you test an Ebola vaccine?
Scientists in West Africa are racing to determine what immunization strategies could be most effective to contain the epidemic.
UK releases world's largest university assessment
Government reveals ratings that will guide spending of £2 billion ? and announces overall science strategy.
Still no stem cells via easy 'STAP' path
Japanese researcher's renewed attempts to induce pluripotency by putting cells under stress come up empty.
European court clears way for stem-cell patents
A ruling from the European Court of Justice lifts 2011 ban on patenting embryonic stem cells made from unfertilized eggs.
Satellite maps global carbon dioxide levels
NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 overcomes design flaw discovered after launch.
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