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BBC News - Science & Environment
The latest stories from the Science & Environment section of the BBC News web site.

US scientists warn on 'dustbowl' risk
US scientists have modelled how a 1930s-like "dustbowl" drought might impact American agriculture today, and found it to be just as damaging.
Gravitational waves: Numbers don't do them justice
Reflecting on the significance of Thursday?s announcement ? and the mind-boggling scale of the black hole merger itself.
Quake mobile app invites public test
A new app that turns a smartphone into a mobile seismometer is being rolled out by California scientists.
Polluted air 'causes 5.5m deaths a year'
More than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year as a result of air pollution, according to new research.
Ground control bids farewell to Philae
The Rosetta mission team says it is time to give up hope of ever hearing again from the comet lander Philae.
Farmers on alert for livestock virus
Farmers are being warned to expect an outbreak of a highly infectious animal disease called bluetongue this summer.
'Health risk' legacy from Neanderthals
Scientists find a wide range of ailments are strongly influenced by our Neanderthal heritage.
'Ripples' from black holes detected
For the first time, scientists detect tiny, rhythmic distortions in space and time - gravitational waves - predicted by Einstein 100 years ago.
Record year for river fish releases
Almost two million captive-bred fish and larvae were released in 2015 to boost populations in England's rivers, says the Environment Agency.
Toxic chemicals found in beached whales
A pod of whales stranded in Fife in 2012 are found to have had high concentrations of toxic chemicals in their bodies, scientists find.

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iPhone's Safari browser suffering outages
Safari, the iPhone's native browser, has been suffering outages after users reported it crashing repeatedly

Apple will offer paid content on News app
In the wake of projected decline in revenues for the first time since 2003, Apple will reportedly add a news paywall

Apple will offer paid content on News app
In the wake of projected decline in revenues for the first time since 2003, Apple will reportedly add a news paywall

Who invented the television? How people reacted to John Logie Baird's creation 90 years ago
The first live TV audience found it hard to believe that it would take off. Now the invention of the mechanical television has been marked with a Google Doodle

iPhone users warned against clicking on 'prank' website which crashes Safari
Crashsafari.com link forces devices to crash and restart, while Android phones, iPads, Macs and PCs may also be affected

End of an era for Apple as it predicts first revenue decline in 13 years
Company reports a record-breaking quarterly profit but iPhone sales stall

Microsoft's iPhone keyboard has a great way to type one-handed
Your small-handed problems are over. Microsoft's upcoming Word Flow keyboard has a feature that curves to allow one-handed typing

The 20 bestselling mobile phones of all time
The mobile industry may be locked in a bitter battle between Samsung and Apple, but history tells a very different story...

Uber will monitor how safe your driver is through their smartphone
The minicab service will collect data on driver speed, as well as erratic breaking and accelerating.

Amazon Prime membership surges by 35pc
New figures indicate the company's Prime Black Friday sale was a success ahead of Amazon's 2015 final quarter earnings report

NatureNews - Most recent articles - nature.com science feeds
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Zika-microcephaly paper sparks data-sharing confusion
Virus study used data released online without adequate acknowledgement, researcher complains.
'Water scarcity' affects four billion people each year
Global map charts locations that use more water than is available in at least one month each year.
Einstein's gravitational waves found at last
LIGO 'hears' space-time ripples produced by black-hole collision.
Legal tussle delays launch of huge toxicity database
Health risks of nearly 10,000 chemicals charted to help predict toxicity of untested substances.
Gravitational waves: a three-minute guide
Nature Video explains how scientists are searching for ripples in space-time.
LIGO announces gravitational-wave detection ? in pictures
Scenes from the historic announcement in Washington DC.
The week in science: 5?11 February 2016
Nuclear-fusion reactor roars; drug-trial death investigated; and US budget boost for Zika research.
Does it take too long to publish research?
Scientists are becoming increasingly frustrated by the time it takes to publish a paper. Something has to change, they say.
Obama makes risky bid to increase science spending
But many research advocates worry that the proposal could backfire in the face of political opposition.
The hundred-year quest for gravitational waves ? in pictures
On LIGO?s big day, Nature chronicles the search for Einstein's predicted ripples in space-time.