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Female cave insects have 'penises'
Female insects with 'penises' have been discovered in Brazil - the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.
EU green light for UK carbon project
A British project to capture CO2 and bury it under the North Sea looks set to receive a 300m-euro boost from the EU.
'Most Earth-like planet yet' found
A planet that is close in size to the Earth and that could hold water on its surface has been identified by the Kepler telescope.
Ancient life 'frozen' by space impact
Ancient grasses from the Pampas of Argentina were perfectly preserved when asteroids struck there millions of years ago, scientists report.
Birth of 'new Saturn moon' witnessed
Scientists say they have discovered what could be the birth of a new moon in the rings of Saturn.
EU Sentinel returns first images
The first images come back from the radar satellite launched as part of the European Union's new flagship Earth-observation project.
Artists have unique brain structure
Artists' brains are structurally different to non-artists in areas relating to fine motor movements and visual imagery, a study finds.
Beard trend 'guided by evolution'
The boom and bust of men's beard fashions may mirror Darwinian selection, scientists say.
Early air points to cold, dry Mars
Scientists use impact craters to work out the characteristics of the air on Mars 3.6 billion years ago.
EU approves alien species blacklist
The European Parliament has approved new legislation to stem the spread of invasive species such as "killer" shrimp or Japanese knotweed.

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Why current turbulence cannot be likened to the dotcom crash of 2000
As certain companies see major slumps in their values, established hi-tech stocks are proving resilient

Weibo shares jump 19pc in market debut
Flotation on Nasdaq of China's Twitter seen as test of investor appetite for tech stocks

Weibo shares jump 33pc in market debut
Flotation on Nasdaq of China's Twitter seen as test of investor appetite for tech stocks

Weibo shares jump 25pc in market debut
Flotation on Nasdaq of China's Twitter seen as test of investor appetite for tech stocks

Weibo shares jump 10pc in market debut
Flotation on Nasdaq of China's Twitter seen as test of investor appetite for tech stocks

Britons urged to 'leave a digital legacy' after death
Having a list of your online accounts will make it easier for family members to piece together your digital legacy, claims Law Society

Google Street View algorithm can beat CAPTCHAs
Google's new algorithm for deciphering house numbers on Street View can also read CAPTCHA puzzles

British Pathé uploads 85,000 historic films to YouTube
Thousands of hours of historical footage showing major events, celebrities and simple day-to-day life from 1896 until 1976 has been uploaded to YouTube

Yahoo! nominates new board member directors
The web giant is proposing three new directors for its dwindling board

Apple to integrate Shazam into iOS 8
Apple will integrate London-based music recognition app Shazam into iOS 8 when it is launched this summer, according to reports

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How to build a Neanderthal
Epigenetic maps help to explain how archaic humans differed from modern ones despite having very similar DNA sequences.
Female insect uses spiky penis to take charge
Brazilian cave creatures's marathon sex sessions extract nourishment along with sperm from reluctant male.
Earth-sized exoplanet spotted in star?s habitable zone
New-found world orbits a cool, dim star, and might even contain water.
White dwarf acts as cosmic magnifying glass
Planet-hunting telescope sees long-predicted gravitational lensing of star in binary system by its companion.
Beware of backroom deals in the name of 'science'
The term 'sound science' has become Orwellian double-speak for various forms of pro-business spin, says Colin Macilwain.
Seven days: 11?17 April 2014
The week in science: Japan reapproves use of nuclear power, second sighting of an exotic tetraquark, and biotech stocks plunge.
Mini satellites prove their scientific power
Proliferation of ?CubeSats? offers fresh and fast way to gather space data.
Toxicology: The plastics puzzle
When toxicologists warned that the plastics ingredient BPA might be harmful, consumers clamoured for something new. But problems persist.
Scientists find protein that unites sperm and egg
Newly discovered molecule plays crucial role in conception.
Hepatitis C drugs not reaching poor
Treatment guidelines for virus highlight challenge of paying for expensive drugs in low-income countries.